Video Editing Ultimate Mastery Course



Do you want to make more professional, unique, and engaging videos? This course is a one-stop-shop that has everything you need to become a confident video editor. The goal of this course is to give you all the knowledge and techniques that you need to enjoy the editing process and create videos that you are truly proud of!

Duration: 60+ hr and 130+ modules including all

What will you get :

● Complete Course (in Hindi & English)

Bonus Items-

● Software & Tools for practice

● 5000+ Premium Video Elements & Templates

Career Build up Guide

Tips on working with clients

What software & tools you will learn :

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

● VegasPro

● Edius



What you will learn in this course :

Step-by-step process to take your video footage, organize, edit, and export an incredible looking video!

Optimize your workflow and understanding of the editing process to create videos as efficiently as possible!

Choose the absolute best audio and video filters that fit your personal video style!

Master Premiere Pro and be CONFIDENT Editing Your Own Videos

Edit your videos, and make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos

● Use multi cam, color correction, LUT’s, sound design, transitions, motion graphics, and editing theory to create more engaging content!

Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos… making them more visually interesting

Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays

Mastering the Essentials Graphics panel

Understanding of Frames per second (FPS), aspect ratios & codecs

Create professional looking and sounding videos using optimized editing techniques with virtually any footage!

Blend together sound effects, background music, voice overs, and other audio elements all into each of your videos!

Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques

Create a higher production value look and develop confidence with your editing software!

● Impress your viewers, audience, and/or clients with completely pro looking and sounding videos!

Export and save your videos for 4K & High Definition playback

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Features & Benefits


Lifetime Access, Onetime payment


Free future course & products updates


Specialized Courses designed by Industry Experts


Project based learning (No live)


Earn a completion certificate (No Affiliation) and acquire Global Skills


Support for clearing doubts


Instant delivery after purchasing


Learn from anywhere, anytime without any issue with recorded courses


Free templates for learning and practice


Career guide

Reviews & Ratings

64 reviews for Video Editing Ultimate Mastery Course

  1. apollo group ip tv

    I was very happy to find this net-site.I needed to thanks for your time for this wonderful learn!! I undoubtedly enjoying each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  2. Bhuvanesh


  3. Abhijit Das

    Video editing or video editing software

  4. Abhijit Dey

    Best Adobe premiere and Adobe after effect course

  5. Sitaram Gupta

    Nice course

  6. Fanto varghese


  7. Maqnas Turi

    Really learning a lot! Easy to follow along and probably one of the best video courses on editing I’ve tried! Glad I picked this up! 😀

  8. Jai Kumar Gupta

    It was simple and straight forward. I liked the explanations. I feel like I have a good basic grasp now.

  9. Pawan Malhotra

    Went from being scared by the buttons to being completely comfortable with doing a picture-in-picture edit.

  10. Vijay Kukreja

    I had a good experience with this course. All aspects were covered with details suitable for learning without a problem

  11. Danish Hamdan

    I can’t judge this course yet so far I knew a lot of things so it didn’t impact greatly. I hope to learn a lot of new things.

  12. Sandhya Nath

    This is one of the most amazing course I have ever taken online. When I first opened premiere pro it was one of the most daunting things I had ever seen but after taking this course, I definitely feel like I know what I am doing and it has instilled a sense of confidence in me. Whenever I see any movie or videos, I am always analysing in my mind how I can recreate the same scene or clip on premiere pro. Thanks, I now know most of the amazing and popular effects, graphics and transitions. Thank you so much for being a down to earth and passionate instructor.

  13. Arijit Kashyap

    A great intro course that helped me become familiar with the user interface, features, as well as some interesting effects and techniques you can use in Premiere Pro.

  14. Rustam Bihari

    awesome course!!! EASY EXPLAINATION makes it easy to understand.

  15. Mayur Saluja

    He explains the course in a way where it doesn’t overwhelm you, which is easy to do when you teach something as complex as video editing, yet you take away so much from each lesson.

  16. Saritha Prakash

    Great practice resources with simple instructions. Great tips and tricks. Clear and concise explanations.

  17. Nitin Rana

    I’m really loving the course. The way he teaches is so well and organized that makes it extremely easy to follow and understand. And I’m sure this course is going to prove to be one of the best investment both time/money of my life.

  18. Jeetu Sisodia

    Well organized, professional presentation with excellent explanations of thought processes for working in Premiere Pro.

  19. Siwani Mishra

    Such a clear and concise course! I started editing with Avid so didn’t know how to use Premiere. This helped me transition so well. Can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend this course!!!

  20. Shyam Uniyal

    Love the crash course – what a good idea to lead off with that. If I had to pound out an edited video right this minute, I feel like I’d be ready! Now looking forward to going a bit more in depth.

  21. Sameer Pal

    This course helped me a lot learn a lot more things about Premiere Pro and discover new features. I grabed the chance to explore more of the application!

  22. Komal Thakur

    I have learned sooo much. I had no previous experience and now I can make very nice videos 🙂

  23. Anil Sangma

    I enjoyed learning video editing skills with you, now I’m confidant to apply what I learnt to my videos and upload them to Social media platforms.

  24. Disha Dev

    OMG this course is amazing! 

  25. Abhay Samant

    i have learned alot in this class, thank you. in the future can you please make a course where you go over all of the effects

  26. Narender Bhosale

    I have edited videos for years, but decided to buy this fundamentals course for any tips and tricks I didn’t know about. I’ve picked up little helpful tips with each training segment which will make me a faster editor.

  27. Ankush Koley

    So far so good. I hope I get everything I anticipate out of this, and more!

  28. Mukta Beg

    Thank you for this course! It was amazing experience, a lot of useful tips and detailed lessons! Now I feel that I can do whatever I want in Premier Pro.

  29. Tara Chand

    It was a bit basic since I already had experience with Premiere Pro, but it helped solidify some more advanced concepts that I missed out on. I would definitely recommend this to people starting out.

  30. Puran Singh Rastogi

    hello, thank you for asking. actually I like the course and feel like it is so helpful and interesting. I was able to make my project after watching the first sessions.

  31. Praful Rana

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone. The teacher is very informative, and covers all the bases.

  32. Harish Shukla

    Very smooth easy. Cover every thing i need to start my youtube channel. he always try to make the course better.

  33. Ravi Jaishwal

    Succinct with loads of helpful info. It could go deeper into professional workflows and accomplishing specific creative styles, but this course lays down a great foundation even if you’ve used Premiere Pro before.

  34. Lakshman Nath

    This was an awesome course and I learned so much. I’m an aspiring editor who mainly worked with Final Cut Pro X and had very little experience with Premiere Pro, and I learned a great deal in this course. Thank you for creating an engaging and easy to follow video course!

  35. Siddhi Panda

    With an absolute zero knowledge about Premiere Pro, this course takes you through from the very basics to an almost advanced level

  36. Md Raheel

    very clear and i love the fact that he keeps repeating what shortcut is he using as it is a constant reminder

  37. Akshay Jaishwal

    Started taking the course with less or no knowledge regarding the Premiere Pro and finished the course with a variety and hand full detailed knowledge about the software, easy tips and shortcuts to do editing and make your video a wonderful piece of art.

  38. Jaipal Singh

    I like that the course instructor explains everything so thoroughly and in such detail. And every time there is an update with Premier Pro, he makes sure to explain the updates with additional videos and resources.

  39. Kamal Shetty

    Excellent. Detailed and calm explanation so that it is easily understandable for the interested.

  40. Ashu Verma

    Amazing course for anyone who wants to start working on adobe. Very detailed and easy to understand.

  41. Harprasad Sahu

    its a great course to join i learned a lot of from this course.

    The main part is the practical work.

  42. Avdesh Patole

    I love that the class is structured to get an overview of how to do things, but then optional videos that show you how he would attack a part of the process, where he would decide to make cuts and why, and how that’s done. It gives you a much better sense of what goes into the process and it allows you to choose your own adventure.

  43. Mina Salve

    So far this class has been an amazing experience. He is very vivid in his detail and makes the experience overall better.

  44. Ramesh Pandey

    Great course. Easy to follow and you can always go back to an earlier section when needed. Also the fact that it’s updated when things change in Premiere Pro is a thumbs up!

  45. Pramod R

    highly recommended. Too good explanation. Go For it if you want to learn editing video on Adobe Premier Pro, or any video editor key points you will understand here.

  46. Pankaj Ghodke

    A great resource to go through all at once or save and come back to piece-meal

  47. Ramkumar Tamboli

    Everything is perfectly clear from start to finish. He covers literally almost everything of premiere. You will get more than you’d expect! Definitely reconmend!

  48. Rupesh Magar

    Thanks a lot. This is a well organized class, a little bit too slow for me personally.

  49. Jaiswant Singh

    The course starts from very basics, very easy to follow. Also if you need some more advanced techniques you can find it in a dedicated section.

  50. Nupur Mazumder

    Thank you I completed the course. I am happy that everything is clearly explained.

  51. Md Afsar

    I started this course as beginner with no experience and got the confidence to edit videos in future. Thanks You!

  52. Arvind Gowda

    The course was great. learned some nice tricks to speed up editing processes

  53. Gulshan Bhan

    I appreciate everything you did so far to open my door on so many opportunity . Thank you so much. Now see me on your photography master class . later !!!!

  54. Punit Vadhel

    This is a really nice course for beginners or for people who just want to learn how to edit videos without a lot of complexity that masterclass-style classes bring.

  55. Santosh Kuvar

    I have learnt plenty of useful skills.

  56. Kartik Khanna

    You actually teach me anything I want. I’m really thankful about this course and hope you have a nice day whenever you are. Peace 🙂

  57. Veer Urang

    Very Informative..

    Love it

  58. Ratna Puri

    I came here thinking that I would only learn something new which is about color correction and sound editing.

    However, Thanks to this course, I managed to learn more than that, I am now able to edit videos with more confidence and new effects that I learnt from this course

  59. Rohit Barla

    This course is definitely a great foundation for anyone wanting to step into the video editing or content creation space. I’m satisfied with the course.

  60. Sunder Kalindi

    Yes it was absolutely awesome as there is so much to learn from and the experience that is gained is quiet a lot. I honestly enjoy the time spent to learn these studies from the courses provided.

  61. Abhi Vora

    well organized. beautifully executed.

  62. Ramdin verma

    It’s definitely an amazing course for those who want to learn basic video editing from scratch. I highly recommend this course if you are new to premiere pro and don’t know a thing about it or video editing.

  63. Prasanth Naidu

    It was an amazing course. The course doesn’t contain video on how to remove background of any video without having green screen.

  64. Kavita Sharma

    I really enjoyed this course.I did not know anything about video editing but through this couse I have learned a lot.

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