Digital Marketing Ultimate Mastery Course



The Most Complete Course on Digital Marketing. Learn to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy for Any Business or Brand. By the end of this course, you will be confidently implementing marketing strategies across the major online marketing channels.

The course is hugely interactive with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section.

Duration: 40+ hr and 100+ modules including all

What you will get :

Complete Course (in Hindi & English)

Tips on working with clients

Q&A Guide

Bonus Items-

100+ Premium Marketing Software & Tools

● 10,000+ Premium Marketing Templates

● DM E-books

DM Audio books

What you will learn in this course :

Marketing strategy

Marketing fundamental

Social media marketing-

  • social media management
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • YouTube audience growth
  • Quora marketing
  • Reddit marketing
  • Snapchat marketing
  • Pinterest marketing

SEO (search engine optimization)-

  • all SEO strategies
  • keyword research
  • off page seo
  • on page seo
  • Technical seo
  • SEO auditing
  • link building & back linking
  • google search console
  • google my business
  • google analytics
  • google tag manager
  • hashtags research
  • using seo free & paid tools

Google ads


● PPC advertising

● Content marketing

● Copy-writing

● Lead generation

● Product marketing (amazon, flipkart etc)

● Video marketing


● App marketing

Mobile marketing

● Email marketing

● Audio book marketing

● Landing page creation

● Website creation

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Features & Benefits


Lifetime Access, Onetime payment


Free future course & products updates


Specialized Courses designed by Industry Experts


Project based learning (No live)


Earn a completion certificate (No Affiliation) and acquire Global Skills


Support for clearing doubts


Instant delivery after purchasing


Learn from anywhere, anytime without any issue with recorded courses


Free templates for learning and practice


Career guide

Reviews & Ratings

64 reviews for Digital Marketing Ultimate Mastery Course

  1. Mustajab Rizvi

    This course can help you to clear your basics & empower your knowledge as far as Digital Marketing is concerned.

  2. Zafar khan

    excellent course.

  3. Sudhir kumar

    Very good

  4. Mohan Sonowal

    One of the best digital marketing course ever.

  5. Swapan Rajwar

    Looking Great!!! Looking forward to learn more all about digital marketing.

  6. Vasant Bind

    its all good so far everything explained well and its easily understood

  7. Rajiv Subba

    i have learnt a lot. Really grateful I bought it.

  8. Priyanka nayak

    A very good and educating online course so far

  9. Aniket Singh

    The course is amazing! So many information! I am really happy to get this knowledge!

  10. Somnath Desai

    So far, am learning and enjoying it. The sound is clear and loud. video equality is perfect….

  11. Dev Kumar

    The format of the lectures is simple, relatable and easy to apply. Good job!

  12. Kazim Mustafa

    This is a solution about mindset. Thank you very much coach.

  13. Rushil Mittal

    sir I really thankful to you it’s very amazing Corus, I gain a lot of knowledge, thanks

  14. Madhu Kumari

    I am almost half way through the course and I find it awesome.

  15. Radheshyam Misal

    It’s helpful, short and straight to the points

  16. Parash Gupta

    Yes,this course is good

  17. Padmini Singh

    Yes… This is the course I have been looking for to improve my digital marketing skills.

  18. Satpal Singh

    Awesome , this trainer got so many knowledge about digital marketing.

  19. Sukhdeep Singh

    simple, straightforward – so loving it! now i’m planning to use the Instagram part of the course to use and learn live…motivates me

  20. Shyam Bhatt

    Very exhaustive content, covers almost everything in digital marketing. Instructor uses a lot of tools to increase the learning experience

  21. Sudhir Sharma

    damn amazing, this is an amazing course. I can say that iam well connected with, cause i have gone through many courses which always made me eager to finish it off faster. But this one different and completely different. This course gives me knowledge every minute. Wow , simply amazing.

  22. Siddharth Hemaram

    The Course Content is very excellent. The Course Instructor did a great job. Everything sounds great the content, the voice, his explanation, video quality. This is something very Professional. Highly Recommended. This man provides a great stuff!!!

  23. Ayaan Ali

    I am a beginner and I like what I’m learning so far. I hope at the end of the course I will have the tools to operate and a digital marketer.

  24. Nidha Ansari

    Wow wonderful. I’m impressed your teaching method. Recommend other to buy this Course as early as possible.

  25. Md Irfan

    Its exciting. The audio and the explanation is superb. Very clear and crisp. No confusion.Pace is good. Overall I am enjoying listening to it and also will try hands on as the course goes along.

  26. Shubham Tayde

    It is amazing and I am enjoying these sessions, i am surely gonna be a better person in my professional life after I complete my course.

  27. Shiv Gore

    The course content is very general and complete for those who are new to Marketing. The teachers are also very enthusiastic and dedicated

  28. Sudarshan Gohal

    very informative course. If you need to be Zero to Hero in digital marketing. This is the course 100% high quality and valuable. valuable for investment.

  29. Rima Tomar

    Yes it is a good match but I am doing it to get a high salary job so will be able to decide the things after completing the course.

  30. Kushal Rabi

    It was a real pleasure to learn this course which show a high level and skills as well , the instructor is going in deep details and vital tricks that allow any ne concerned to learn about digital marketing lessons .

  31. Imran Khan

    Makes the learning experience easier and more efficient by offering websites and documents. Helps guide you through the course.

  32. Vikram Sinha

    Very Productive & above expectation. Best content and details, one has to be patient to understand to observe each lecture & its learning, through this course one can attain enough to kick start its career in core Digital Marketing.

  33. Tushar Pavra

    All the aspect of digital marketing you need to know. Not the basics, but in depth lessons and exercises on all the subjects of digital marketing. Extreme value for money.

  34. Suresh M

    Very good course. Many examples and practices to make it easyer to understand. Also very complete regarding digital marketing. Many different topics and platforms.

  35. Srinivas Acharya

    The content of the course were easy to understand, and it gives a great intro overview of the course on the purpose of marketing before diving in.

  36. Manjeet Kaur

    This digital product gives you the required skills and tools to launch a successful marking agency. Its up to the person to perfect those skills

  37. Shantanu Sharma

    I like the detailed explanation that this course has. Even a dummy will be able to understand if they just try.

  38. Subhas Mehta

    It’s helpful, short and straight to the points

  39. Abhijit Nanda

    Few videos and i know this is all i need to know the basic of digital marketing. Going forward to master more

  40. Sudeep Bajaj

    This entire course gives me things that I didn’t know for a while in my profession and helps me to excel on its different module sections so far…

  41. Nila Satpute

    really valuable course, I’ve learned a lot during this course. I recommend this course for everyone who wants to master digital marketing

  42. Subhas Chaterjee

    I will definitely recommend this course for anybody that wants to start a business or just to recap on certain aspects of marketing.

  43. Sandeep Jha

    definitely, I already improved my digital marketing knowledge

  44. Hardeep Singh

    If you are looking for good digital marketing course even as newbie, this course is the best best best!

  45. Nirav Ahuja

    Thank you, it is great opportunity to learn everything that you may need in marketing field when you start new business 🙂

  46. Govind Talpade

    This course is Very informative. Even if you are beginner then this course worth it. I always wanted to start a e-Commerce website but lacked knowledge. Now i am very confident after watching this course in my business and getting higher number of sale.

  47. Jyoti Mahapatra

    Found this course really helpful and interesting. All the lectures are interactive and easy to understand.

  48. Nalin Swami

    Nice course. It’s a good fundament for exploring this huge topic of marketing

  49. Feroz Hussain

    The wordpress lectures are really good . I have learned enough to make a responsive website. Social media marketing lectures are also nice. I am happy to get such a mentor.

  50. Girish Salunke

    A huge amount of information. I will return to many sections more than once. Lecturer explains everything clearly.

  51. Dinesh Bhue

    Good material, but very long. It can be shortened a lot. I liked the cognitive biases part.

  52. Chetan Durani

    I started taking this course because i wanted to learn to become a digital marketer but one thing i’ve understood so far is that this course is best suited for entrepreneurs who wants to learn to market their business digitally on their own.

  53. Deepak Rajput

    This is an amazing digital marketing course I have ever attended. I highly recommend every beginner and professional should take this.

  54. Md Asad

    An amazing course, carefully curated, practical and easy to understand with good narration. A sure recommendation.

  55. Brijesh Lamani

    I am new in here but I love how much effort he has put in to make this course easy for us to understand. Its the best course. worth the money. I am half way this course and I love it.

  56. Shikha Mule

    Hello sir. Your lectures are good. I mean you are trying to teach us from the scratch. And that’s i like very much.

  57. Avinash Lokhande

    One the best Digital Marketing with deep insight ideas and tips.

  58. Anoop Parva

    One the best Digital Marketing with deep insight ideas and tips.

  59. Gautam Adak

    This is my first course in digital marketing and i m glad i took this course, its a very good course it has all the elements

  60. Priyansh Gupta

    All I need to start digital marketing is available here in this course.

  61. Rajith Lal

    This course was amazing because it covers almost everything about digital marketing,and in some sections its very detailed.

  62. Prabir Ojha

    The course is informative and useful. I have learned so many things and I will also refer the course to anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing.

  63. Nisha Lohar

    A complete package courses in digital marketing and other stuff that will surely helps your marketing journey.

  64. Madav Chauhan

    I understand the topics concepts very clearly. Also I understand your pronunciations very clearly. And this course is helping to improve my knowledge in digital marketing. its amazing I learned a lot.Thank you very much.

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