Blogging Ultimate Mastery Course



Start a blog from zero experience, or take your existing blog to global levels. Monetize your blog and earn money. Learn how to setup your blog with WordPress Essentials. Proven strategies for blogging content, promotion, social media, and monetization.

Duration: 25+ hr and 50+ modules including all

What you will get :

Complete Course (in Hindi & English)

Bonus Items-

Premium Blogging Resources

● 50+ Blogging Tools

10 Lakh+ Ready to Publish Articles

● E-books

What you will learn in this course :

Build a successful blog from scratch, or take your existing blog to the next level

Develop the mindset of a successful blogger

Discover a blogging niche that is both profitable and interesting

Build a beautiful website using WordPress

● The secret to going viral, including my new method for viral blogging that’s simple and effective, with a case study that walks you through this process.

● Discover Essential software that will give you premium quality writing that stands out

Develop a system to plan new content, and never run out of ideas again

Understand the importance of effective writing and how to become a better writer

Become familiar with some of the most effective types of blog content

Generate an endless stream of fresh content by repurposing what you’ve already created

Optimize your website for search engines to drive a consistent stream of free traffic

Get your content in front of people using a variety of free promotion strategies

Build a profitable business around your content and turn your blog into a revenue-generating asset

Discover the Secret Structure That Rules All Blog Post Types

● Maximize your blogging output and schedule all your new content pieces so they attract more traffic on autopilot.

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Features & Benefits


Lifetime Access, Onetime payment


Free future course & products updates


Specialized Courses designed by Industry Experts


Project based learning (No live)


Earn a completion certificate (No Affiliation) and acquire Global Skills


Support for clearing doubts


Instant delivery after purchasing


Learn from anywhere, anytime without any issue with recorded courses


Free templates for learning and practice


Career guide

Reviews & Ratings

57 reviews for Blogging Ultimate Mastery Course

  1. sunil.prajapat

    Best Features Your Website Sir..🙏🙏🙏

  2. Pramod Rao

    Awesome course. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. The course was professional, easy to understand and had a lot of insights. I appreciate the ton of resources you mention in the program.

  3. Lokesh Kushwaha

    very informative. I am getting a lot of information. I only have one suggestion which is to add some reference material.

  4. Bivuti Shyamal

    Great Instructor and extremely experienced. After finishing this you will know almost everything you need to know to start your own blog and make money.

  5. Nitesh Das

    It’s a great introduction to blogging course. It provides a step by step guide to get your blog to work.

  6. Vipul Metho

    This is a very well designed course. I encourage everybody who is serious about blogging and share his knowledge with the world to give this course a try. There is a lot to learn which can be done a-la-carte but this course ensures that you learn about those in an engaging and cohesive fashion.

  7. Rupal Deyo

    Lots of good quality content, coupled with simple to follow steps. I wish i had taken a look at this course before I started my first blog. It would have allowed me to bypass many of the simple mistakes I made.

  8. Anuj Ghai

    wow I have a new found confidence in this blogging thing lol, I am soaring through this course so I can get to the fun part on all of this thank you for making this thorough, comprehensive, truly life saving course 🙂

  9. Mahesh Gujar

    Thorough and well-segmented course. Very helpful. Not a lead by the hand course, but one that presents all aspects and allows participant to learn and choose.

  10. Debashis Chakravarti

    Excellent course, really well laid out with all the information you need to know.

  11. Charanjeet Singh

    It was awesome learning about tools, strategies, helpful sites, plugins and principles of building a better blog and brand. Great course! I took lots of notes and the several free ebooklets will help. Thanks!

  12. Priyanka Gopal

    Good course. Proof of the pudding is always in the eating. Lets see how this helps to move forward with my initiatives. Regardless good work by the course provider

  13. Sunil Kohli

    this was an amazing course. I going to do and put on practically everything I have just learned. I soon gonna tell you how it works for me

  14. Humaid Haq

    Very good info, excelent presentation and wonderful accent. However some things are a little dated.

  15. Rohit Saveroop

    Awesome Course! I was pleasantly surprised. Specifically in all the tools and resources that provide immense value!

  16. Ashis Singh

    I got lots of information in this course. I thought the instructor was real and straight forward and not acting like a used car salesman. The internet is full of those kinds of people. Thank you I would definitely take another course that you offer.

  17. Gaurav Kurmi

    I appreciate all the specific recommendations. It makes getting started tremendously easier. An amazingly valuable course.

  18. Ranveer Puri

    I found each bit of information relevant to the topic in this course. The material is up to date, full of relevant suggestions re. how to build a cool and business encouraging blog.

  19. Gauri Pita

    Overall, good experience. Very practical. Only suggestion, if the author could not just read out the slides but explain them deeper. Thanks.

  20. Neelkant Pagi

    The information in the course has great value. The instructor gives both basic information and pro tips to success. There are no shady tricks, just real strategies for short and long term success. The pacing is excellent, video and voice quality is high. I plan to watch it a few times to learn everything by heart!

  21. Omkar Bisth

    Loved the course. Very informative and it had a little bit of everything that a new and novice writer like me needs to get started and to succeed.

  22. Nihit Reddy

    Instructor shared really useful stuff, easy to follow and clear. I’m benefitting so much, especially from all the practical walk-throughs and sharing of various tools that I never knew existed! Well worth my time and money for the tons of learning!

  23. Namrata Singh

    Course very detailed, does not explain very advanced strategies but they are all valid strategies and some did not know, even knowing them, how to apply them really, now I know.

  24. Teja N

    This has been a truly enjoyable experience. You have really helped me to become more confident in my ability to be a successful lifestyle blogger. Thank you for the tools you shared. Thank you for such an in depth understanding of relationship building and a social media strategy. I have already recommended this class to anyone thats wants to make a career out of blogging.

  25. Soumik Samanta

    amazing explanation along with great content. also good resources. for sure, a good recommendation to look up too…

  26. Pranav Saxena

    I’ve learned so much and I’m still processing it all. I’ve already gone back to some modules for review, which is handy. The teacher’s style is direct, factual, and easy to follow. I highly recommend anyone considering blogging to take this course.

  27. Mayur Hajong

    Very good instructor .The course has so many information and tips.I am very satisfied ..the only thing is that I didn’t receive answers in my questions

  28. Liyan Isha

    This training sincerely is a blueprint. He breaks down every.single.thing. you need to know about blogging into bite sized, easily learnable, resource-packed chunks. And then he makes you feel like you can conquer the world. I am so ready to start my blog.

  29. Tara Verma

    This is a great course if you are going to start a blog from scratch. It’ll give you the basics as well as valuable insights to get your blog started. Looking forward to an update of this course in the future!

  30. Vinayak R

    The author has good knowledge in making blog. However, the way this course was presented needs to be more interesting and easy to understand.

  31. Naresh Kanti

    I have used his tips straight away and have to revise many of the sections weekly to implement it. And it really works. I have started my own blog a couple of weeks ago and very soon there will be a review on this course

  32. Kapil Nakka

    Excellent! one of the best online training I have taken so far… very practical examples and instructions… simply awesome and worth every penny. Kudos

  33. Laksh Patani

    Great value for a small investment. Helped me to get started with my blog and learn the best way to drive traffic and monetize the blog.

  34. Viraj Kara

    Great Course. I am just now diving into blogging and this was the perfect course that answered many questions I had about posting and where to go next. I recommend this course for anyone that wants to grow and take blogging seriously. I also liked the motivational content – motivated me even more to get my blogging career in action.

  35. Yash Seth

    Pretty good Blog. I learned a lot.

  36. Sanjay Mahale

    The course is very informative with lots of links to different websites that can assist in blogging. Loads of tips and how to’s. And then there was a great surprise at the end with numerous PDF’s for quick references and trouble shooting. Many thanks for sharing so much of your information and learnings!!!

  37. Shila Aira

    This course is fantastic. I have taken other similar courses but this one has topics that I have never heard before. The content is very well organized and helpful. I highly recommend it to any person that is starting a blog or already have one.

  38. Prabodh Kumar

    Very detailed, this course is the best on how to start a blog and get massive traffic. This is a complete hands on training course…

  39. Rachit Kishore

    Lot of good content & tips here. This is just a guide, you need to put in the work & hours to get where you want to be!

  40. Nitya Patar

    Thanks a lot about this wonderful and useful Blogging course. before this course i have little knowledge about this Digital marketing and particularly blogging, so based up my tiny knowledge i used to think this knowledge is enough for create a blog and we get success but after i started the blog i have faced hell lot of questions and went no where, but after this course, i learnt lot of things and every video is giving booting to my thoughts and destroyed my negative believes. so finally i got good knowledge about this Blogging. now ill try to build a good blog with using your great tips.

  41. Mithul Panchal

    I think it covers a lot, but I would still like to know more about setting up an about me page, and what to actually put on your homepage.

  42. Krish Barla

    I am halfway through the course and have learned so much. Very useful tips as well as website links which will make any blogger’s life way easier.

  43. Surya L

    I think for beginners it can get a bit challenging! great as there are a lot of things about website making and setting up WordPress which I learnt. I personally enjoyed the challenge and hope to get better at blogging using the strategies you have taught. Thank you 🙂

  44. Reshmi Samanta

    Great and informative content. Although I read a few articles about blogging this course provided me many useful information and tools that can help anybody who’d like to begin his journey with blogging.

  45. Jagat Dhumal

    The course had all the elements I find effective to help me with my goals. It was well explained. he is straightforward in showing how to help me improve my blog thru techniques, email list, page share swaps,etc. I thought other bloggers do not like communicating with each other. His lecture opened my mind. Now I enjoy exchanges with some who are like-minded. There are incredible things I have learned.

  46. Garv Vadhel

    There is a lot of content here. It takes you from the basics of blogging to some very effective approaches to growing your audience to monetizing your blog. I think the only weakness was on what makes marketable content.

  47. Raghu Goel

    I am excited and motivated to get started on my successful blogging career!

  48. Pran Sharma

    it was amazing…. He not only talks about writing skill but also told how to promote, improve and encash it. It was superb.

  49. Arjun Raut

    This course will make me an awesome blogger. Is informative and jam-packed with great techniques. I Can not wait for your next course. Thank you

  50. Shekhar Sharma

    This was a very complete step by step roadmap on how to create a blog from the ground up. Not only did this course inform me about the technical aspects of creating a blog, I also received valuable encouragement regarding the “mental game” involved in any new endeavor. Great course and excellent teacher.

  51. Sonal Kurmi

    it all feels very natural and the course is divided into bite size chunks that make it very easy to consume the content.

  52. Kuldeep Jha

    This has been so informative! I feel I know so much more about setting up and blog and being successful in this project!

  53. Sarvesh Kumar

    I like the specific websites that he included for the finding your niche section. I wish he gave a little bit more explanation on how to be specific in your blog area of choice

  54. Samir Dutt

    This course provided me with valuable information. And, I think that, Yeah! it’s a good match for me, where I can learn different sort of ideas of how to run, manage a blog, website, page, etc! I

  55. Rishi Mathur

    Very well organized and explained. A comprehensive course in blogging. I just learned a ton!!!

  56. Vipin Kolhe

    So far so good. The google trends was a tool I never knew existed. can’t wait to fully use it

  57. Sunita Shukla

    This is a great course if you are going to start a blog from scratch. It’ll give you the basics as well as valuable insights to get your blog started. Looking forward to an update of this course in the futur

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